Monday, October 29, 2012

Sexy Leather Fall

I am back with these images which speak by itself and other words are unuseful. This 2012 Fall is SEXY, BLACK in LEATHER, LATEX. So inspirational ............

Source: Numero
Issue: 2012/Oct
Model: Karlie Kloss
Photos by: Greg Kadel

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

In the Urban Area

Can we be a trendsetters in a very individualistic 3D urban look influencing both streetstyle and high fashion brands? Inspirational board for urban style has many tools: streetstyle, hip-hop, electric music, graffitti, comic books and why not, .. even manga culture. In the urban area we can be our own fashion creators, a source of inspiration for those who are watching us from the corner of the eye or who display a pleasent smile. Let shyness aside and be bold (girls)! Mixing bold fabrics, texture, futuristic cuts or metallic touches we can be super "glamazon" heroines on the "street of fashion" looking toward future.
Even those who take a mischievous look at  your strangest high shoes without heels or to your chain dress sooner or later will appreciate your choises. And belive me or not I know what i am talking about .... they will envy you!!!

kisses laurinnis :*

Pictures from:
Model: Azhak Deng

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Point Break

Elle Roumania Cover

After I read Elle Roumania Magazin August Issue I need a "Point Break", too. Challenging the look with a boho chic accessories, with a perfect swimsuit and with a professional surfboard (Slingshot 2013 Tyrant WVT) matched perfectly with my beach style. Wonderful editorial thanks to Veronica Pascu (model), Gabriel Langer (kite instructor), Nermin Naji (styler) & Alexandru Tudor (photographer).

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Maison Martin Margiela Masks: Faceless

Maison Martin Margiela backstage

The Haute Couture Collection F/W'12 by Maison Martin Margiela obssesed me, so I couldn't help myself to not write something about it. The entire collection is so perfectly on my style ... it looks like they know my personality and guess every my extravagantza desires. I've started in the past timidly to wear some lace bands face just to get used with the strange idea of having an adorned head. ... (I've wrote about it on my blog).
If some women wear all kind of hats, I prefere this sophysticated mask which has an extraordinary visual impact. Margiela's mask are so elegant emballished with shimmering crystals.
Mask face has an extensive interpretations of ambiguous symbolism. On the one hand the mask can disguise the identity of the person who wear it, keeping him anonymous (for protection or to hide the misleading apparents) ... to me is a lake of sincerity but with a note of mystery... and on the other hand the mask can express  a rule of character associated with modern heroes (Zorro, Batman, Catwoman or Spiderman). As a decorative pieces, the mask are known in ancient times as mortuary masks painted in natural colours or covered with gold foils. African tribal masks inspired many artists like Piccaso.
Venice is associated with theatrical masks which is famous for.
While in fashion masks are art ... or pure fashion ... or a little bit of both ... which hide the face to give it an aesthetic value. 

Photos: Maison Martin Margiela Haute Couture F/W'12 show

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Object of Desire

Elle Mexico
 ......... Every summer I dream to a new fancy swimsuit. This year the irresistable piece for me is a swim body with long sleeves accessorized with zippers.

H & M Catalog
It is a stunning piece from H & M 2012 Beach Sensation.  So far I have a sensational summer ! You???
laurinnis :*

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Old White Summer Pick-Ups

Liza Bruce
La Perla 
Some white pick-ups from Elle Roumania Magazin (old editions, 2002 and 2003). Sexy swimwears perfectly on tanned skin even today. Hope you like it!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Paradise Bird

I love this electric blue with orange pinches on the tail of the dress

Just like paradise bird

Love summer nights! While the sunset is about to happen everything transforms itself very subtil in something mysterious and beautiful. I like to wait somewhere until the sun go completly down. With no trace of golden sunshines, just red-orange sunset sky on the background I would like to change myself  into a paradise bird. The photograph of this material, Xie SinSongu has captured this spectacular moment for Bambi Magazin.  J'adore the outfit 1 and 3 from this fashion editorial and the bright colored feathers.

Where: Bambi Magazin
Photograph: Xie SinSongu
Model: Patricia M. 
Birds: Paradise birds (

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