Wednesday, August 29, 2012

In the Urban Area

Can we be a trendsetters in a very individualistic 3D urban look influencing both streetstyle and high fashion brands? Inspirational board for urban style has many tools: streetstyle, hip-hop, electric music, graffitti, comic books and why not, .. even manga culture. In the urban area we can be our own fashion creators, a source of inspiration for those who are watching us from the corner of the eye or who display a pleasent smile. Let shyness aside and be bold (girls)! Mixing bold fabrics, texture, futuristic cuts or metallic touches we can be super "glamazon" heroines on the "street of fashion" looking toward future.
Even those who take a mischievous look at  your strangest high shoes without heels or to your chain dress sooner or later will appreciate your choises. And belive me or not I know what i am talking about .... they will envy you!!!

kisses laurinnis :*

Pictures from:
Model: Azhak Deng

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