Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hermes: Purses Drawn

I always liked funny drawings on walls, on fabrics and even on these purses launched by HERMES. 
It looks so unique and cool. These purses reminds me of a project done at the Arts & Design University-Cluj-Napoca-Roumania, when I've used a funny drawing on "paper wallet project" with a cool guy on black background.

Made by me (laurinnis) 
Certain, you will love these kind of funny purse weared at a neutral outfit or attached at a vibrant color outfit. All you need is a little imagination.

Hermes propose to us handmade purses... after a design
I can do it, you can do it... let's try it together and see what's happens.

Source: Hermes
Text & Images: Paper Wallet Project laurinnis

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Giorgio Armani: Lady Gaga "Born This Way Ball"

We can always anticipate that pop megastar Lady Gaga will wear something outrageous and futuristic in her appearances.
Well, for the upcoming Asia concert tour "Born This Way Ball", Lady Gaga has started the collaboration with the italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani, who has created bizarre costumes with couture-level details.
The eccentric, Lady Gaga will wear three-dimensional semi-transparent dresses, an abstract cubist composition suit guitar with luminous studs, gloves with fingernails mirror, skin-toned latex, Plexiglas, fringe, lots of Swarovki crystals and robotic thigh-high boots for the upcoming Asia concert tour.

After we had saw the sketches provided by the courtesy of Giorgio Armani and after this summary- Which ensamble do you want to see most ?

The tour "Born This Way Ball" will kicks off , April, 27 in Seoul.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fashion Day: Cluj-Napoca Edition

I took these photos at the Absolutely Fabulous Fashion Fair-Cluj-Napoca Edition Event. 
My birth city, Cluj-Napoca (Roumania) was even more magical with this great event ... and being back home, a long weekend turned into flash dreaming holiday. Here was clothes by young fashion designers, vintage clothes and hand made accessories. This kind of shopping is amazing. It could be expansive sometimes, but usually worth it. Really! It is amazing feeling to find something different and unique that makes your eye glow more then normally.

I found some unique and wonderful pieces .. that I hope to use them many times for this spring & summer.

I felt in love by this fresh trousers
This are almost like Acne trousers
from real clock mechanism
Black Rebel Tights
Lace gloves

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hot Accessory: Part 2

"This is Convoy. Convoy is 23-years-old and works in a clothes shop in Harajuku, Tokyo called ‘Dog‘, which is where all his clothes are from. His hopes for the future are simple: “be happy”. He didn’t answer many of our questions because he’s a man of few words but from his outfit you might discern that Convoy is a genius, because statistics show that geniuses favour the colour green. Also that he’s good at art because of the sculpture and print of his trousers. That he’s big on accessories is stating the obvious, but" ........... 

I stay in front of my laptop thinking about this face band, this mask and I remembered about Michael Jackson's appearances with a mask like that. In Asia, lots of people use this mask not for aesthetics reasons, just medical.  Well, in this case of Convoy, he use this in the name of fashion.
I particularly like his mask, very medical chic....
Photography: Piczo

Alexander McQueen: "Heroines Handbag"

a) Dark brown with rivets                                                              b) Black with white lace

c) Sweet light brown                                                                                   d) Classic black & white

Alexander McQueen brand announced new fall collection of handbags, called "Heroines Handbag". 
One of these 4 variations of handbags could be: MUST HAVE for the next cold weather.
laurinnis ***)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Givenchy: 21 Century Girl

Dazed & Confused April's Issue introduces 21 century girl Grimes ..........
Shot by Hedi Slimane
Styling by Robbie Spencer

Givenchy Haute Couture 2012
Model Karlie Kloss

It is possible that Givenchy's Haute Couture for 2012 looked in the past at Ethel Granger images?
Could be Ethel Granger the muse for Givenchy, too? ...... for fashion world, again?
I think it is!  Her image still is the source of inspiration for the fashion designers.

Ethel Granger
The wife of William Granger, Ethel Granger is well-known for her thiny waist in the world and for her piercings. Succumbing under pression of her husband who had an obsession with corsets and piercings, Ethel started to wear corsets day and night. Her noise and ears were rudimentary pierced with a silver needle, only in order to satisfy her husband. Ethel's first earrings were designed by her husband, himself.
Her waist size became very small, being forced to wear very small corsets and even metal corset in the absence of her husband. She were, also forced to wear 14 cm high heels, with no platform, immobilized her leg almost vertical....
All this for the husband's nonsense and to satisfy him....
The discovery of a comet by William in the 50's brought Ethel Granger presence in a TV show, and it all began ............ Ethel Granger, Fashion Muse .....

Click to listen to an exclusive stream of Grimes' new album " Visions" =>

Friday, April 13, 2012

Chy Yuen: Surrealism in the Land of Shoes

The collection has innovative ideas executed in high quality designed by british footwear designer Chy Yuen.
I can make steps with these luxurious shoes into a world of surreal, a world of exotic delucion. They are my dreamy shoes.

"Ah! Who will deliver our spirit from the heavy chains of logic?" Andre Gides, Les nouvelles nourritures terrestres (1935)
Perfect words for this collection. laurinnis 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

laurinnis: Facebook Page

From today, is on Facebook, too. 
For more sophisticated style and crazy glam stay tuned on my posts. Thank you. laurinnis***)

Monday, April 09, 2012

Gareth Pugh: Gadget-outfits

I saw the entire Gareth Pugh Spring Collection '12. London based-designer, Gareth Pugh is well-known in the fashion world for his unconventional, asymetrical cuts. True!
But he conquered me with these black sculptural silouhettes presented at the end of the show.
I watch these silouhettes over and over again.... and I realise that is not enough for me and I want more and more images. My soul need to feed with this futuristic magic.  It is a paradox. The future can't be predicted, but we can prefigure it with these kind of "gadget-outfits".
The black helmets weared on heads of the models are a reinterpretation of the ancient helmets weared in the war by ancient women heroes. The ultra feminity is not lost and it is rendered by metalic-black material flows.  Everything looks fantastic.
Am I in a science fiction movie? I think I am and I like it....................

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Decor Idea with Hermes Boxes

What can we collect to uplift our favorite room?  Well, we can accessorise our place with our boxes collection.
Yes, you heard right, BOXES.

Or, let's take it in reverse way. In our favorite room's corner for a splash of color we can sit each other orange boxes by Hermes. It is the perfect combination: Orange + Box = HERMES.
And here I wanted to get with my idea, to the Hermes box. Beside the extravagant-decorative aspect of the box, we can find a practical use for it, storing on it what we want. The result is so chic, isn't ?

Text: laurinnis ***)
Photos: interior design pot-pouri

Monday, April 02, 2012

Vivienne Westwood: Easter Sweet Eggs

Fashion & Chocolate can be something else sweetest than that ???

The fashion designer, Vivienne Westwood designed " Easter Eggs" in collaboration with British Store Fortnum & Mason. 
Of course, when we say Vivienne Westwood we don't think to traditional painted easter eggs.
She designed a luxurious collection of Easter Eggs. Each egg is wrapped in pink, blue or silver foil and it contains a set of chocolates that have been choosen by Vivienne Westwood herself.
P.S Fortnum & Mason is a favorite shopping place for the British Royal family.
So, choose a sweet gift for Easter with royal flavor !


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