Thursday, March 01, 2012

Alice In Wonderland

This is Alice in Wonderland part of Dimond Group in Ginza/Tokyo.
Diamond Group has 7 different fantasy theme restaurants and this is one of them.  The main theme of this restaurant is the Lewis Carroll's book "Alice In Wonderland".
It is the most unusual restaurant because of  its magic.On the walls hangs pictures created by John Tenniel, the illustrator of the first Alice book, it hangs also heart shaped-tables, playing cards and psichedelic drawings. There are sits for Queens and Kings, labyrinths and good food. A real attraction for everyone.
Because, in my country we celebrate today March, 1 as the first spring day and we offer to each other  "martisoare" something like amulets in flowers or trefoils shapes ... for good luck, this post is my spring gift for you.

Website: (Japanese only)

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