Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hypnotize You

Carmen Pedaru for Vogue UK

Lanvin Cobra Trousers


After so many days of absence, here I am! I was so busy all these days that my presence here was imposible to me. .... . Yes, you may say that I've made a sin not being here that's way I want to hypnotize you with my new post. I want to hypnotize you with this Lanvin Cobra Trousers which I found them very irresistible. 

The symbolism of the snake is the most ancient symbol meaning eroticism and temptation.
Lanvin trousers are very simple, but Cobra print is so real that I can swear that the snake captures entire body. The symbolism touches are very deep, alluding to sin along with lust and eroticism. This trousers are definitely a piece of conversation, don't you think???? Some people can found them very irresistible slipping to the main sin or others just hate them. 
I am just hypnotized by Lanvin Cobra Trousers.

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