Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Metaphoric Summer

... Let begin the adventure from here!
Draw a fantastic univers of imagination and dare as Danzed & Confused done in June Issue, 2012.

The imaginary univers is populated by many species of butterflies in human shapes ... or by humans who transform itself in flying butterflies. Could be this shows the transformation of our soul, the freedom of the human spirit? Can be this a Psyche of our days?

In the greek mithology, Psyche personifies the human soul, and she is represented with butterfly wings..a metaphorof flying soul. Here we have ........ a modern transformation of Psyche... with metallic touches and all kinds of butterflies accessories.
A true philosophy in a stunning fashion editorial.

Source: Danzed & Confused
Issue: June, 2012
Model: Elza Luijendijk
Photography: Ben Toms
Stylist: Spencer Robbie
Makeup: Peter Phillips
Text: laurinnis

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  1. Amazing designs, styles,colors and concepts.
    Simply Astonishing Works!!!


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