Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hot Accessory: Part 2

"This is Convoy. Convoy is 23-years-old and works in a clothes shop in Harajuku, Tokyo called ‘Dog‘, which is where all his clothes are from. His hopes for the future are simple: “be happy”. He didn’t answer many of our questions because he’s a man of few words but from his outfit you might discern that Convoy is a genius, because statistics show that geniuses favour the colour green. Also that he’s good at art because of the sculpture and print of his trousers. That he’s big on accessories is stating the obvious, but" ........... 

I stay in front of my laptop thinking about this face band, this mask and I remembered about Michael Jackson's appearances with a mask like that. In Asia, lots of people use this mask not for aesthetics reasons, just medical.  Well, in this case of Convoy, he use this in the name of fashion.
I particularly like his mask, very medical chic....
Photography: Piczo

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