Monday, April 09, 2012

Gareth Pugh: Gadget-outfits

I saw the entire Gareth Pugh Spring Collection '12. London based-designer, Gareth Pugh is well-known in the fashion world for his unconventional, asymetrical cuts. True!
But he conquered me with these black sculptural silouhettes presented at the end of the show.
I watch these silouhettes over and over again.... and I realise that is not enough for me and I want more and more images. My soul need to feed with this futuristic magic.  It is a paradox. The future can't be predicted, but we can prefigure it with these kind of "gadget-outfits".
The black helmets weared on heads of the models are a reinterpretation of the ancient helmets weared in the war by ancient women heroes. The ultra feminity is not lost and it is rendered by metalic-black material flows.  Everything looks fantastic.
Am I in a science fiction movie? I think I am and I like it....................

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