Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fashion Day: Cluj-Napoca Edition

I took these photos at the Absolutely Fabulous Fashion Fair-Cluj-Napoca Edition Event. 
My birth city, Cluj-Napoca (Roumania) was even more magical with this great event ... and being back home, a long weekend turned into flash dreaming holiday. Here was clothes by young fashion designers, vintage clothes and hand made accessories. This kind of shopping is amazing. It could be expansive sometimes, but usually worth it. Really! It is amazing feeling to find something different and unique that makes your eye glow more then normally.

I found some unique and wonderful pieces .. that I hope to use them many times for this spring & summer.

I felt in love by this fresh trousers
This are almost like Acne trousers
from real clock mechanism
Black Rebel Tights
Lace gloves

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